Rush Revere is a huge fan of one of America's earliest patriots, Paul Revere. So much so, he dresses in a very similar way. This attire is commonplace when he time travels to colonial times, but in modern day he sometimes gets second glances!

Rush Revere believes strongly in fundamental American values and freedoms, just like his idol.

An illustration capturing Rush Revere on his horse Liberty graces the bottles of Two If By Tea®. His similarities in facial features to his close pal Rush Limbaugh perhaps rise from some shared ancestry or through the magic of a shared message.

In his right hand on the illustration, Rush Revere firmly holds a bottle of Two If By Tea® tilted slightly backward to salute his fellow patriots. Liberty's mane blows in the wind as his nostrils flare, but Rush Revere rides steady and calm.

Along with his tricorn hat, powdered hair and bow; Rush Revere wears an American silk cravat and crimson waistcoat. His pants are brown but do not wear the dirt of his long journey. Oh, the shine on his boots! Oh, the strength of his fine calves! A truly elegant riding posture readies him for the historic adventures ahead!

Look out for Rush Revere as he sounds the alarm throughout your area. Get ready because he is on his way!