The Hall of Patriots immortalizes the individuals and families who have made Two If By Tea® the absolute Excellence In Tea since June 15, 2011.

On behalf of Rush, Kathryn, and all of us at Two If By Tea® we sincerely thank you for your unwavering support. As a token of our appreciation, we continue to host patriotic sweepstakes that give you the chance to win an experience of a lifetime and be inducted into our Hall of Patriots!

Take a peek into the winner's circle and see how our lucky Grand Prize Winners embrace the joy of winning a Two If By Tea® Sweepstakes. The Hall of Patriots not only honors prize winners, but is also home to our top honor, Patriot of the Month, showcased below! The Hall of Patriots is your opportunity to step into the spotlight and share your love for the exquisite taste of Two If By Tea®.

Our two Patriots of the Month are friends Preston R. and Matthew F.  They both come from families with very strong military backgrounds, and they are still serving our country abroad in different capacities!  Matthew has served the USA for 16 years as Marine and now for the past 3 years in a support role overseas.  He tried Two If By Tea® for the first time when Preston shared a bottle with him on the golf course!  Blueberry is Matthew’s favorite flavor and he loves drinking the tea because, “It opens the door for debate and has created a much more open mindset for non-conservatives.” 

Preston is a six-year Army Veteran from Missouri and listens to the show five days a week; even while overseas.  Preston loves Diet Peach and Diet Blueberry and drinks Two If By Tea® daily. Preston is an entrepreneur and states, “I find it amazing that [Rush & Kathryn] started a business in a rough economy and it ended up doing well.”  It inspires him because it proves, “Anyone can start a business and be successful if you have a good product.”

Both guys are very motivated by Two If By Tea®‘s support for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.  Matthew says, “So many men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation, so it is wonderful when I see organizations giving back to the military.  When a company supports the military it has a huge impact on the moral of the troops.”  Preston and Matthew, we are proud to support you and the rest of our Armed Forces. We are truly grateful for your service!  Mega Tea Dittos from home!