The Hall of Patriots immortalizes the individuals and families who have made Two If By Tea® the absolute Excellence In Tea since June 15, 2011.

On behalf of Rush, Kathryn, and all of us at Two If By Tea® we sincerely thank you for your unwavering support. As a token of our appreciation, we continue to host many patriotic sweepstakes where you can win the experience of a lifetime and be inducted into our Hall of Patriots.

As you explore the Hall of Patriots you can hear the reality of receiving a winning phone call from Rush and Kathryn, view videos in the Patriot Theater, and much more! The Hall of Patriots is also your opportunity to step into the spotlight and share your exceptional stories with the Two If By Tea® family.  

What beverage do you serve when you live in a historic colonial town?  Two If By Tea® of course! Eric U. lives in Charleston, S.C. with his wife and four beautiful children. He is a daily listener to Rush’s show and has found the Two If By Tea® story to be inspiring in his own life. A few years ago Eric went through a very tough time and was tempted to give up due to some hard economic circumstances. Eric remembers Rush telling his audience about why he started Two If By Tea®, “To prove that anything is possible, even in the worst economy.”  Eric says, “As Two If By Tea® inspired me, so too will my trials to have a positive impact on my wonderful wife and four beautiful children.” Two If By Tea® is enjoyed not only at his home, but also as a complimentary beverage at the SweetGrass Room located in Charleston, which Eric runs with his wife. Although the family enjoys all of the flavors, Raspberry has a special place with Eric and his eldest daughter. Living in such a historic town has encouraged Eric to teach his children about the history of Charleston and the U.S.A. “I can tell you that they all have read or listened to the Rush Revere stories and eagerly await more.”

Tri-corn hats off to you Eric!  Thanks for persevering and allowing the entrepreneurial spirit to live on in America.  Mega Tea Dittos!