The Hall of Patriots immortalizes the individuals and families who have made Two If By Tea® the absolute Excellence In Tea since June 15, 2011.

On behalf of Rush, Kathryn, and all of us at Two If By Tea® we sincerely thank you for your unwavering support. As a token of our appreciation, we continue to host patriotic sweepstakes that give you the chance to win an experience of a lifetime and be inducted into our Hall of Patriots!

Take a peek into the winner's circle and see how our lucky Grand Prize Winners embrace the joy of winning a Two If By Tea® Sweepstakes. The Hall of Patriots not only honors prize winners, but is also home to our top honor, Patriot of the Month, showcased below! The Hall of Patriots is your opportunity to step into the spotlight and share your love for the exquisite taste of Two If By Tea®.

Introducing our newest Patriot of the Month, Carmen G. from Washington!  Carmen is truly an American Patriot; she’s 22 years old and proudly serves our country in the US Air Force.  According to her dad, Carmen has been listening to Rush since she was three months old. Carmen really credits her dad and Rush for teaching her what it means to be conservative. Carmen says: “[My dad] taught me why we cherish liberty, why we believe in limited government, personal property, and free markets.  He taught me of our history and the fragility of freedom in human history. Rush, you also helped me to be a conservative by showing me how to have a sense of humor, and balance that with knowing the facts and questioning what is the rest of the story, the real truth.”

Incidentally, Carmen is not the only one in her family who bravely serves the country in the US Air Force.  Her dad, Andrew, served as a flyer for 10 years and has now been in the reserves for 15 years. Her little sister, Liana, is in training to become a C17 Loadmaster.  The whole family loves iced tea and couldn’t wait to try Two If By Tea®!  Carmen’s favorite flavor is Blueberry and says, “Now that there is a tea that is delicious and supports our troops and conservative values, I can feel good about enjoying it regularly.”  Not only does she enjoy it, but she also loves to share it with her Air Force crewmembers.  Carmen, we sincerely thank you and your family for your service and dedication to our great country!  Keep up the great work and mega tea dittos!