The Two If By Tea® name is a modern-day twist on the famous line One if by land, and two if by sea of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem Paul Revere's Ride. The famous poem describes Paul Revere's April 18, 1775 ride into the New England countryside warning of the invasion of the British regulars. King George III of England heard the rumblings of independence of the American Patriots and was hell-bent on destroying the spirit of these colonials. He failed.

Longfellow wrote that planning weeks before, Revere instructed the Sons of Liberty to place lanterns in the belfry arch of Christ Church in Boston. One illuminated lantern if the Red Coats were approaching by land from Boston Neck, two if by sea across the Charles River. Seeing two lanterns, Paul Revere and his fellow patriots rode spreading the alarm to country folk to rise and protect their liberty. And they did!

The illustrated face on every bottle of Two If By Tea® is today's Rush Revere! He acts as a modern-day messenger, spreading the alarm from front porch to front porch. Every day he makes new friends with those passionate about holding on to the principals of America's founders and defending civil liber-teas!

Two If By Tea® is delivered to the door like milk was once delivered to American homes. Rush and Kathryn wanted to feel closer to people across the country by sharing in the unique experience of sending and receiving tea in a one-on-one experience. Two If By Tea® has created a new and ever-growing family of outstanding patriots throughout our great nation, From Tea To Shining Tea®!

Making the tea itself was a complicated process involving hundreds of hours of research by food scientists to create the perfect blend. Rush became a connoisseur of tea, tasting each new sample in an attempt to match the taste of his mother's classic tea blends from his childhood. Once he felt that the raspberry, the sweetness, and the tea taste matched his memory of his mother's blend he said, "This is it!"

Rush and Kathryn are very proud of this tea, the employees of Two If By Tea®, and of course of the creative energy that makes America exceptional! The challenges faced along the route from a concept to market, give them a sense of the pressures faced by small business owners. They (and Rush Revere) will continue to fight for American businesses and keeping the American Dream alive!